What should I expect from a typical Alexander Technique Lesson?

By using verbal instruction and gentle touch, the teacher will guide the student through everyday movements such as standing, sitting and walking with the purpose of finding an easier, more coordinated way of moving. As the student becomes more aware of the overall use of their body they will learn to reduce and eventually avoid unnecessary habitual tension.

If desired, the teacher and students will explore further by applying the principles of the Alexander Technique while engaging in specific activity. For example, a musician may want to play their musical instrument, someone else may want to find a more efficient way to work at the computer, another student may want to lift or carry objects in a more easeful manner. The possibilities are endless.

"Table work." While the student is lying on a comfortable table the teacher engages the student in further exploration of the release of tension through application of the principles of the Alexander Technique. The teacher uses verbal instruction and gentle touch, while the student is in what is sometimes referred to as a form of "constructive rest."