William "Bill" Roche brings a wealth of teaching and performing experience to his teaching practice. He began private study of the Alexander Technique in 1997 while working as a professional musician. Ultimately he decided to become an Alexander Technique teacher, completing the 3-year teacher training course at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique in 2009. In addition to training with Martha Hansen Fertman and the Philadelphia School, he has also studied extensively with Nancy Romita, founder and director of the Alexander Technique Mid-Atlantic Teacher Training Center which opened in 2010. Upon graduation and certification Bill has been teaching private Alexander Technique lessons and has assisted in an Alexander Technique course at Towson University.

Prior to beginning his career in the Alexander Technique, Bill spent over 20 years as a music educator and performer. As a music educator, he worked in the public schools of New York State and Maryland. He enjoys teaching people of all ages and occupations having worked with students ranging from Elementary school beginners to University music majors to retired adults wanting to learn a musical instrument for the first time. As a performer he was a horn player in The United States Army Field Band in Washington, D.C. and at times served as an "extra" with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

For information and appointments please contact Bill Roche:
Phone: 410-465-5715
Email: billycorno@aol.com